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on 16/08/18 writes:
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Sovit Chhetri on 13/07/11 writes:
hey Angus and Les! how ya guys doing? i am kinda late in posting this but cant stop myself thanking u guys. Now i am back home in nepal.everybody here appriase the tattoo of jesus done by angus even the tattoo artists. cheers!! hope to see u guys soon...
Wood Fitzpatrick on 16/06/11 writes:
Hi Les, i have 2 tats by you first done in 1992 of a wizard on my calf (have sleeved the whole leg now finished at Tattoo Magic Melbourne) then in 1994 of a dragon on my chest. I've been following your work over the years and like so would like to talk to you about another piece. I'm driving through Sydney in Dec and would like to stop in to discus?? Wood
Joanne Miles on 13/05/11 writes:
Hey Les, how are you, wife and kids? I hear there is third she is a ledg that girl give her a big hello... well done; checked over your site, amazing and you deserve everything that has come your way. Take know notice of the turkey's jealousey a joke.You are truley Talented and have every right to share that I hope you still have my arm band in your draws somewhere I think my son may want to get that done and if not do not worry we have plenty to go off. All the best and we will see you before to long.lots of love Jo.
sarah on 06/03/11 writes:
hello les, its sarah. long time no see or hear. love your site great work.
Elias on 28/02/11 writes:
you reckon you can do a 8 ball just above my left ankle?
Jacob on 28/01/11 writes:
Hey les mate thank you very much for amazing portrait you done on my forearm every one at the gym blown away and they lining up to come see you thanks again dude
Pete. on 18/12/10 writes:
Hey Les buddy, it's been a couple of days since you did my Marilyn Monroe/ Skull piece; I'm absolutely blown away every time I look at it mate; You did an awesome job, this is evident as I booked another appointment with you straight after you finished it haha. Next time you're at the pub; Let's toast to Marilyn. I'll see you very soon for my Michelangelo piece buddy. Cheers !
John McDonald on 13/12/10 writes:
Was a pleasure to meet you and a privilege to be tattooed by you. I am ultra stoked with the tattoo and will be back to get more. Keep up the good work
charmaine pike on 04/10/10 writes:
thanks for my pencil Les..i just tracked your paintings down via jan murphy..f'cking incredible.you make me sick.maybe i should have gotten an eraser tattoo instead.
Zeake Zammit on 01/08/10 writes:
Hi Les thank you for the amazing portrait you did for my father, mother and I. I was wondering when you would be free for me to come in for work and for my brother to get something little done on his wrist like you promised. He is now 18 and ready to get tattooed. Hope to hear from you soon mate.
David Healey on 01/08/10 writes:
thanks for s great tattoo. It was the most professional and accurate work I have ever seen and I am forever grateful. Your new shop is the bomb and Angus and Charlie are awesome. See you soon....
Vonnie on 31/07/10 writes:
Bigfanehyerworkerrpawl :)
Amy Prebble on 16/07/10 writes:
Hi Les,
I'm the NZ women that came into the new shop today, thanks again for answering questions you must here so often! Just checked out your website your work is amazing - I know where I'm getting my next tattoo :)
Luke v on 09/07/10 writes:
Hi Les,
The tiger tattoo you gave me is amazing. Anybody that sees it wants to know more about your work. When is the Facebook page coming? Hope to get more work from you soon.
debbie p on 21/05/10 writes:
Hi les & Angus
Les thank you so much for the amazing portrait you tattooed for me of my late father, its awesome im over the moon &could'nt be happier. Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing my father cannot believe what an amazing job you have done, the resemblance is uncanny. thank you so much. well worth the wait.
Fifi on 19/04/10 writes:
Got my portrait done... OMG!!!! its awesome Les....Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart...Your a gem..
matty ellis on 14/04/10 writes:
pleasure getting to know you guys - couldn't be happier. Many more thanks than can be conveyed in a comment on teh internets. See you next time.
Ian on 13/04/10 writes:
Wow,the memorial tattoo for my Stephie is just amazing and a constant reminder of her love. Everyone that sees it is just blown away with design and colour. Thanks Les and Angus you guys do awesome art!!
Joey on 13/04/10 writes:
Hey Les, I just wanted to say thanks for my tattoo. It's on my back (and has been there for nearly 8 months now), so I don't see it... in fact, I'd probably forget that I have it if it wasn't for people always commenting to me on how much they like it. I know we did the initial design ourselves but what you did with the colours and the fine lines turned it from good to GREAT!
Zeake on 12/04/10 writes:
Hi Les, Im just writing in regards to seeing if you have any spots or cancellations coming up. So i can maybe come in with my brother!
Fifi on 12/04/10 writes:
Am getting my portrait done tomorrow...Cant wait....
Clare B on 07/04/10 writes:
Jesus Christ, Les, whaddaya tryin t make the rest of us look bad?? :P
Jon Grant on 25/03/10 writes:
Can't say enough good things about Les and Angus. A massive thanks and 110% happy.
Shame about the ashes hey Les !!
Brad M on 02/03/10 writes:
Les, Angus & Charlie you guys are the best! The work I had done is perfect and the experience was great! You'll be seeing me again soon! Hope you're well and not crazy busy! Thanks guys!
Brad & Sarah
Don on 17/11/09 writes:
Just want to say a big thanks Les for the unbelievable art you did on my arm - many thanks!
Nolan on 22/09/09 writes:
Still getting comments about my Winged Scarab as being the most awsome work yet.Damn that was a hot day and a long sit!!!Thanks again mate.Take care..nolan..
on 21/09/09 writes:
A beautiful place it out of her gaze, a.
Bea & Matt Plummer on 14/08/09 writes:
My husband & I were lucky enough to be tattoed by you in Cairns, some time ago & now know where to find you when we are ready for more - just had a look at your paintings and love your style hunour conveyed in your art!!
Robin on 02/06/09 writes:
You recently did a portrait of my late partner on my son's(Scott)stomach.... It is so life like, they are together forever - hee hee. Thank You......
Duane on 23/04/09 writes:
Gday mate, sorry i missed ya when i was in sydney, great site , stick it to em ..
Michael on 19/04/09 writes:
Have not had the chance to have you work on me yet. Hopefully within the near future I will feel the might of your needle. Regards.
matt on 09/04/09 writes:
hey les, i'm booked in with you for my sleeve in october...cannot wait!!
Jason on 29/01/09 writes:
Hey Les, just thought i would have to tell how amazing the turtle you did for me turned out its really come to life now its healed.. You are a master of both your arts and i look forward to working with you again as soon as possible. trips to sydney are being planned for the near future. will be in touch.. Jason
Adam Lewis on 27/01/09 writes:
Hey Les,Hope to be down your way soon would love to catch up and get tattooed. I know your busy but i will keep in touch.. all the best...Adam
cb...xxx... on 14/01/09 writes:
May I congratulate you on the intelligent and articulate interview you recently gave to Tattoos Downunder magazine.. and, as always, your artwork is astounding. My hat,.. nay, ALL of my hats, are off to you, brother.
Paul on 18/12/08 writes:
Hey Les...have a good one mate... hope you get heaps of time to chill out with your family.... and enjoy the cricket... thats what boxing day is all about.
Les on 16/12/08 writes:
Hello all, just a quick note to say thanks to everyone I've tattooed in 2008, don't get out of your pyjamas on Christmas day and enjoy the boxing day test.
Have a good one,
Alex on 15/12/08 writes:
Thankyou so much for the portrait of pedro it looks amazing, i hope to get more from you
merry xmas
Rita on 13/12/08 writes:
Not that you need more adulation (!!) but thanks a million for Bee Dreams, she's perfect. Love it :)
james on 11/12/08 writes:
merry xmas les&family hope to see you soon
Les on 30/11/08 writes:
If you're having trouble with my contact feature, please send your email directly to
Toni Naden on 26/11/08 writes:
Hey Les! You should put my tattoo on your page cos its so freakin awesome! Must send you a healed pic. Thanks for the great work and hope to see you again soon.
Kel on 24/11/08 writes:
Hey Les,
Just wanted to say thanks for the humming birds there amazing I love them. Your very talented, can't wait for my next one.
Weez on 23/11/08 writes:
amazing work. Im captivated. What is the story behind the feather pen with bottle on the gents forearm. I am a caligrapher... how amazing.
Les on 21/11/08 writes:
Sorry to everyone having difficulty with the email, apparently some servers won't let you access it on the site. My address is les@artintimidatinglife.com
diva on 16/11/08 writes:
cool site :)
Paul H on 09/11/08 writes:
Hey Les,
I just have to say thanks heaps for doing your Pegasus for me. Its a great work of art and I'm really proud to be wearing it. From consult all the way to completion was an excellent experience and with such a great looking tatto its got me thinking about the next one now hahaha. Will be in touch. BTW thanks also for all your good advice, and you're right... every friend is an expert on tattooe care. Glad I listened to you instead. Its looking great!!
Kelly on 03/11/08 writes:
Hey Les,
I was lucky enough to be tattooed by you at Chameleon earlier this year and heard you were coming back. Would love another tattoo by u so could u send me ur e-mail, cant access it though the site! Thanks :)
Kenneth Goddard on 01/11/08 writes:
Hi Les... I'm having trouble trying to send yourself and email. Could you please send me an email as i would like to get some work done. It's a picture of my brother, and i would like to get your insight as to what would be the best design to go with. I have a particular design in my head, but with your experience and knowledge i think i can do with the advice. Thanks in advance look forward to hearing from you.
Shane Kelly on 28/10/08 writes:
Hey Les, i'm also having trouble emailing you as my laptop won't allow it , laptop drama not yours, anyway could you please send me your email address as i am very interested in getting some work done.
Brano 1 on 27/10/08 writes:
hey mate , hope all is well with you and the family, where is all the new stuff???? ha ha
Zeake Zammit on 23/10/08 writes:
Hi Les, the name is Zeake Zammit... Me along with another 3 family members are looking to get work done... Mainly in tribute to my brother that was murdered just 2 months ago in Greece.. We are Australians im sure you hear the story of Doujon Zammit, the Aussie who was killed in Greece but donated his organs saving four lives... I cant email you some thing is popping up so if you can send me ur email or even post it on here that will be great thanks alot!
Charles on 10/10/08 writes:
Les. Firstly, thanks for the end result the crest adaptation looks fantastic. The experince from consultation through to completion was flawless. Look forward to the next project.
byron on 01/10/08 writes:
hey les nice site great worx...representing a
Aus well!
keni goodwin on 25/09/08 writes:
the octopus is fantastic. Worth all the blood and sweat.
Been to see Leon, you should see the results soon.
Raquel on 23/09/08 writes:
You are an exceptional artist. Thank you for the experience. The 15 hours were worth it. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone. You are a true professional and well kept secret.
Nathan on 17/09/08 writes:
G'day Les,
your works are inspiring to say the least,(my friend was right!!!) i would be interested to know if we could talk about some ink done on me,cheers mate
Cameron on 04/09/08 writes:
Hey Les!
Mate your works rock! sent an enquiry a few weeks back and just resent it to get some ink done by you.. Your achievemtns are impressive as i am an Art Dealer and have evry confidence your the man for the job!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
pamela on 03/09/08 writes:
i am unable to contact you,i would kindly appreciate it if you wouldnt mind sending me your email adress i have some enquiries about a dimebag darell portrait i would love you to do for me.thankyou so much,
Les on 30/08/08 writes:
Sorry Rob, you'll have an email from me now. I get a little busy from time to time.
Thanks for persevering,
Clare on 30/08/08 writes:
FINALLY had the opportunity to check out the website. As usual, a class act all the way. Good to see you taking after me. X
Rob on 30/08/08 writes:
Hey Les,
Love your work! How do I get tattooed by you? I sent you an email a month or so ago, and no reply.
Skye on 26/08/08 writes:
Hey Les,
Love your work, paintings and tattoos. Am looking at getting into tattooing as I'm in a situation where I am unable to do my Bachelor of Fine Arts and need to make money some how through my passion. I love how you take on tattooing as a true art form.
Rob on 21/08/08 writes:
G'day Les,
Just checked out your site mate, and I have to say I LOVE YOUR WORK.
I'll be in touch soon,
Thanks, Rob
Les on 13/08/08 writes:
G'day Corrine, send me an email via the contact feature and I'll be in touch.
Scott on 13/08/08 writes:
Hey Les am after a portrait of my little girl i feel you could be the guy to help me with it love your work i will be in contact cya
corinne on 08/08/08 writes:
les could you please contact me in regards to a tattoo i would love to get done
margaret tomlinson on 07/07/08 writes:
hi les, got ur web add from leon. had a wee look at ur paintings and i really liked it. i paint myself so i love looking at other art work. so what has inspired you to paint what you do? i loved the skeleton and the one with the food. luv mgt (scotland)
Mathew Anderson on 23/06/08 writes:
Very nice web site I will be visiting.
Mathew Anderson
eric on 22/06/08 writes:
Hey Les,
Love your work!
Cant wait to finish the sleeve.
inga on 17/06/08 writes:
Hello les,
Me and the rest of the swedish bikini team would like for you to paint us naked. How can i arrange this?
mick colledge on 02/06/08 writes:
i never thought id find artwork that appeals to me but i was wrong. keep up the fantastic work. all the best mick.
Marc on 23/05/08 writes:
So happy i found your site and got to check out some of your paintings! .. absolutely amazing! I srsly can not wait! to get some more tattoos done by you!
all the best. Marc
Russ on 09/05/08 writes:
You must be excited bout Wendall joining Benny at the Dragons!
Go you Cowboys!
Les on 08/05/08 writes:
Sorry Simba, you'll need to contact me via that feature on this site. I can't really help you here on the guestbook.
simba on 08/05/08 writes:
hi les i am interested in becoming a tattoo artist im pretty handy with pens and pencils but will this translate to tattoos? and what do i need to do to be a legal tattoo artist in australia i have no one to ask as i live in a town with no studio any guidence would be appreciated cheers...simba(my email adress has 2 under scores _ _)
Peta Ballinger on 08/05/08 writes:
The time has come! All the best - love your work.
Geoff O on 08/05/08 writes:
Good to see you at the Melbourne convention. Luv your work. Hope to see you at your studio before too long.
Geoff .. aka .. heavily tattooed bear
Samantha Johns on 04/05/08 writes:
It was such a pleasure to meet you and watch you work at the melbourne convention. I hope to have the opportunity again in the future!

The Smiley girl,
Sam :)
Dave J on 25/04/08 writes:
Great to see you up and running Les...love the site!
Pearly on 09/04/08 writes:
Finally checked out the web site - very nice. Thanks again for the INK and I can't wait for our next sitting, keep in touch. Pearly.....
benj on 04/04/08 writes:
whats goin on mate when you coming back for a stint?
Di on 22/03/08 writes:
Looking forward to catching up with you in Melbourne. This is one of the best sites I've seen. Cheers Di
Bob on 28/02/08 writes:
Always liked the ape painting on the wall of Chameleon so its good to see some more of your work :)
Barry @ Chameleon on 28/02/08 writes:
Great Site. all the best mate, catch up with you soon
dan on 23/02/08 writes:
eeeyyhh bigeye!very nice stuff mate! very nice!see you soon!
Thomas on 22/02/08 writes:
Mate great setup! Great work! Love the monkey!
Leon @ Chameleon on 22/02/08 writes:
Great site Les, way to showcase your versatility. All the best with the venture, and thanks for the link!
Paul Braniff on 20/02/08 writes:
Good on you mate,the site looks great, look forward to our next stint...
Bel Colledge on 19/02/08 writes:
wowowowowowowowowowow.... nuff said. Congrats on getting this all together!
Em N Dan on 16/02/08 writes:
Site and studio look great, Les. Good work on bringing your 2 talents together - work looks amazing xx
Jay Greenwood on 12/02/08 writes:
Scream for me Lesla!!!!!
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